5 Foods to Try in Peru Because they’re Good

1. Ceviche.Ceviche

If you like your fish tasting fresh and clean, then you’ll just fall in love with Peruvian Ceviche. Fish is ‘cooked’ by marinating it in lemon juice and mixing the fish chunks with onion and, of course, chili. It is served with sweet potato and corn on the cob. This dish is a national institution and is enjoyed at lunchtime all over Peru; though of course coastal towns in the north do it best! Fabulous Peruvian ceviche is deservedly becoming a popular dish worldwide.

2. Lomo saltadoLomo Saltado

What an ingenious idea! Slices of beef stir-fried with tomatoes, chips (fries) and onion – sometimes with peas.

Just delicious and can be found on most menus.

3. Arroz con pollo.

This innocuous sounding dish translates as chicken with rice. But the chili peppers and coriander make this a delicious and filling no nonsense dish.

4. Rocotto Relleno

Stuffed peppers with a difference. This is a very deceptive dish as what look like bell peppers, are actually spicy rocotto – stuffed with raisins, cumin, beef and paprika – and a bit more chili if you need it.

5. Causa Limeňa.Causa Limeňa

Delicious layers of fish, mashed potatoes, lettuce and olives. Served cold.

NB Images of Causa and Lomo Saltado from : yanuq.com


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