Top Travel Tips: Know Before You Go

1. Save Money On Flights

Try LAN for special offers

Try LAN for special offers

Book your international flight to Latin America with a local company and save $100s on your internal flights.  Companies such as LAN and Aerolineas Argentina offer substantial discounts on flights within South and Central America when you book your international flight with them or their partners.

2.  Ask When to Travel

Patagonia in Winter

Patagonia in Winter

Seasons vary tremendously in South America.  Patagonia’s very cold winter is from April to November, the rainy season in the mountains of Peru and Ecuador lasts from Nov to April; but this is the best time to visit the coast!   Ask your travel agent for information about the best times to travel.

3.  Speak Spanish Well

Spanish only really has 5 vowel sounds:

a as in apple

e as in egg

i as in inn

o as in octopus

u as in ubrella

Remember this, and you’ll sound like a local!

4. Save On Hotels

Triple Room

Triple Room

Travelling in a group of 4 or more? You can gain considerable savings if you travel in a group.  If you are three people travelling, consider asking for triple rooms instead of a double and a single.  Most hotels have triples and the overall cost will be a lot cheaper.

5. Read The Small Print

What happens if your travel company goes out of business?  Will your trip be covered?  European based travel agencies must protect client’s funds by what is known as bonding.  This protects your deposit and ensures that all suppliers are paid, therefore guaranteeing everything is in place for your trip.  Beware any company that does not have this in place as they can pretty much do what they like with the funds you hand over.

Have a great trip!


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