Our Man In Lima

Into Latin America’s man in Lima is the lovely Nilton.  He has been guiding visitors all over Peru for 15 years, but he still has a soft spot for his home town of Lima. Here we ask him about his home town and learn a little bit about Nilton:

Nilton in the Amazon

Nilton in the Amazon

What makes you a Limeño?

The pride of being in the Capital City and having access to everything  you can’t find in the rest of the country. We are proud to have good movie theaters, theaters for plays, great museums, schools, universities, discos and bars, etc. Of course we are proud to have the beach nearby and great beach resorts. Food makes up a great deal of our pride! Cebiches, Mariscos, desserts, anticuchos.  Oh and the cold beer! So cold that “it can destroy your throat” …

Describe Lima in 3 words?

Informal, fun, summer

What do visitors not know about Lima?

They don´t know that Lima has so much culture because of the mixture of traditions, ways of life,  of people from different parts of the country. Migration has made that possible.

They don´t know that a lot of Lima´s economical activities are very informal and they may not know that people in Lima are incredibly hardworking and skillful.  So much so that they can do great business without even finishing school or reading the business section in the newspaper! Some people are just really good at doing business.

Visitors might not know know that Lima has one of the oldest cemeteries in America.  A real treasure that can easily be visited.

Visitors may not know that in Lima, a city that most people simply pass through, one can find Humboldt Penguins!

Where is your favourite place for a day trip from Lima?

There are quite a few but for a day trip Lunahuaná for canoeing rafting.

For a half day excursion Pucusana is one of my favorites.

Boobies in Pucusana

Boobies in Pucusana

What is your favourite restaurant and food specialty in Lima?

For a fine meal the restaurant “El Señorío de Sulco” is great…They have the best “Causa a la Limeña” I have ever tried.

And for a set menu , the way locals eat on regular basis there´s one in Miraflores , in front of the Faraona Hotel , I forget the name but it´s really good deal for a 8 to 10 soles!. Try the Parihuela Soup!!! It’s Fantastic.

What is the best place for people who are interested in history?

The Pachacamac archaeological complex is a good start since it covers 4 periods of Peruvian history. Several museums in Lima are complete and good for a background on Peruvian history.

Nilton with a 'huaco'

Nilton with a 'huaco'

What are best and worst things about Lima?

That is relative because what I see as best may be worst for others. However I am the one interviewed so…one of the best things of Lima is that you can find EVERYTHING you can think of including galleries, local markets, street vendors, black markets, etc. Lima has great characters on the streets …people dressed like big women with big ‘bubbies’ and huge bottoms made out of balloons selling candies…, people that sell  full meals for 3 soles on the streets (and people that eat them!) . The way Limeños interact, especially the ones from middle to lower classes, their interaction is a real street play and if you are there in the right place you can have a laugh and/or learn a lot!.

The best in general is the mixture of people´s culture, faces, food, ways of living. It is not a boring city… completely the opposite!

How can travelers be responsible in Lima?  (Responsible tourism)

  • Don’t give money to the children on the streets.
  • Do not throw toilet paper in the toilets.
  • Do not leave water running more than necessary.

What’s the big topic of conversation in Lima nowadays?

Gold mining situation in the rainforest.

Latin Music Festival June 11th

Meet Nilon on one of our Tours in Peru


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