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Glaciers in Argentina

What’s the big deal about Perito Moreno?  How can I climb into an ice cave?  Are there any glaciers near Ushuaia?  Read our handy article on glaciers in Argentine Patagonia.

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina


Howlers and Hanging Vines on Nicaragua’s Volcanoes

Into Latin America’s Karen plus Little O (aged 3) just got back from a fun-filled visit to Nicaragua – where you just can’t avoid the volcanoes.  More on Nicaragua”s Volcanoes

Active volcano Masaya

Peering into the very active Masaya Volcano


Mombacho Volcano

Wake up to howler monkeys on top of Mombacho Volcano


ometepe sunset

Sunset on the volcanic island of Ometepe


Tunnel Mombacho

Tunnel formed by lava on Mombacho Volcano


Charco Verde Swing

Vines make perfect swings in Charco Verde Reserve, Ometepe


More on Nicaragua’s Volcanoes