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Celebrate the Royal Wedding in Cuenca

Come and celebrate the Royal Wedding with the British and International Community in Cuenca, Ecuador

29 April from 6pm

  La Yunta Restaurant – Pan American sur Km7 Via a Tarqui

$10 includes:

  • Video coverage of the wedding
  • Traditional British finger food
  • Fish and chips supper
  • Free bar till 10pm
  • Royal toast compliments of Grants whisky
  • Disco

Surprises & more………..

TELEPHONE: 072485224 or 080621135


Or post a question here for more information


Inca Trail to Ingapirca

Exhibition of Cusco in Cuenca

Photography of Cusco

Cusco: Timeless City, an exhibition of historic and modern photos of the Peruvian city and Inca capital, will be presented through the month of February at the Pumapungo Museum by the Ministry of Culture. The exhibition includes Martin Chambi´s snapshot collelction as well as photos by  Horacio Ortega, Filberto Cabrera, Crisanto Cabrera, José González and Pablo Veramendi.  Martin Chambi was a prolific Cusco native whose photos magically capture the life of local people.


Martin Chambi Cusco, Peru

Cusco people

Pumapungo Museum at Banco Central, Calle Larga at Huayna Capac
Admission: free


New Cuban art gallery

Cuba native Noydán Conde announces the opening of Conde Galeria de Arte in Todo Santos, featuring work of Cuban and Cueancano artists. The gallery is at 4 – 32 Calle Larga at Alfoso Jerves. Current work features Havana portraits and street scenes as well as images of Cuenca. In addition to works by Conde, the gallery displays work by fellow Cuban and Cuenca resident Lanner Diaz. Most of the works exhibited are for sale. Gallery hours are weekdays, 08h00 to 12h00 and 14h00 to 17h00.

Sunday Openings For Cuenca Museums

New Sunday hours for city museums in Cuenca

Museums and galleries operated by the city of Cuenca are now open on Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

These include the Modern Art Museum (Sucre at San Sebastian Plaza), Old Cathedral (Sucre at Luis Cordero), Mayor´s Gallery (Borrero at Simon Bolivar), Quinta Bolivar (10 of August and Baucarbamba), Casa de las Posadas (Gran Colombia at M. Heredia) and the Remijio Crespo Museum (Calle Larga at Borrero)

Short Hikes Around Cuenca: Giron Waterfalls

Waterfall through the trees

Giron Waterfall on the lower level

There are plently of short day trips and hikes in the countryside around Cuenca, Ecuador.

One place you can visit is Giron for beautiful cascades falling in different levels in the hills above the town.

Looking down on Giron Waterfall

Looking down on Giron Waterfall

You can easily visit the first waterfall in a 10 minute walk from the entrance.  The second level of waterfalls is a 2-3 hour walk up above.  Walk through farmland and small sections of forest with lovely views of the valley.

Lower waterfall

Lower waterfall

Entrance $2 for foreigners and $1 for locals.  Waterfalls are run by the community and there is a small shop, restaurants, some basic acommodations and an area for camping near the entrance.

The Second Falls

The Second Falls

Cuenca Festival, Mon 1st Nov – Nov 3rd

Children celbrating

Festival time in Cuenca

In continuation…here’s a selection of events till Nov 3rd.  Last night I went to the Crafts fair in CIDAP at the bottom of the Escalinata where there are some beautiful quality crafts on display from artesan communities around Cuenca and also Peru and Colombia.


There is ‘Noche Cuencana’ every night in the main squares with music and fireworlks at 8pm on Mon and Tue.  There will be plenty going on in the Parque de la Madre, Barranco, Otorongo area until the 3rd.

Sunday Nov 1st

Events and Music

Family Painting – Puente Roto – 10am

Latin American Music concert with artists from various countries – Parque de la Madre – 3pm

Traditional dancing – Mall del Rio – 6pm

Night bike ride – El Barraco – 7pm

Fairs and Festivals

Guinea Pig Eating! (had to happen) – Don Bosco and Loja – all day

Local and International Food – 10 Aug Market – all day

Food, dogs and children’s games – Plaza San Francisco – all day

Festivals of Food and Dance – El Arenal – all day (dance 10am)

Extreme Sports – Parque de la Madre – till Nov 3


Toys Made of Recycled Materials – Mall del Rio- all day

Guitars by the Association of Guitar Makers of San Bartoome – Borrero 6-83 – 9am-7pm

Iconography of Art – Galeria de Arte Illescas (Av Solano)


‘Embanderamiento’, or putting up the flags – all over the city

Tuesday Nov 2nd

Events and Music

Festival of Chameleons – various artists and ballet – Parque Calderon – 7pm

Military Tattoo – Parque Calderon – 9am

Student Parade – San Blas to San Sebastian – 10am

Vallenato music night – Plaza de Toros Santa Ana – 8pm

Football match: Cholas vs Clowns – Parque Paraiso – 10am (also on Wed)

Festivals and Fairs

Gastronomic – Parque de Miraflores – all day

Clothes market – 27 Feb Market – all day to 3rd

Agroecological Fair – Parque de San Blas – all day

Arts and crafts and puppet show – Plaza Rotary – all day till Nov 3


Open Day at army barracks in Tarqui – near Via a Banos – 9am-5pm

Flower arranging competition – 9 Oct Market – 10am

Tasting of foods of Ecudaor – Parque de la Madre – 10am

Wednesday Nov 3rd

Events and Music

Military Parade – Solano – 9am

Latin american music concert – Parque Calderon and Glorieta – 2pm

National competition of wooden vehicles – Larga and Malo to Parque Paraiso – 3pm

Election of Chola Cuencana (beauty pagent) – Parque Miraflores – 3pm

Donkey race – Larga and Malo to Parque Paraiso – 4pm


Mass and floral offerings – Cathedral – 8am

Folk dancing and parade of children’s fashions – 27 Feb Market – 10am

Cuenca Festival

Everyone in Cuenca, including the toddlers in my son’s nursery, is hopping in anticipation of a few days off and a whole slew of free festive events to celebrate 190 years of Cuenca independence.

Here’s just a small selection of the huge range of bizarre, big, small, traditional and downright wacky events going on in the city.

Friday 29th Octoberr


Handicrafts exhibition –  CIDAP  – throughout the festival

Open House of Alternative Medicine – Remigio Crespo 2-33 – 9am

Art and Sculpture Outside –  Puente Rot0 – throughout the festival.

Festivals and Fairs

Festival of food and folclore – Plaza Santo Domingo – from 9am

Jewellery Fair – Borerro and Munoz


The Subregional Building for Vaccines

Hector’s BBQ Grill, near Mall del Rio

Music and Shows

1812 Overture with fireworks,  and cannons? – Parque Calderon – 8pm

Club night: ‘I love 80s and 90s’ – Quinta Balzay – from 8pm

Other events

Multicolored lights illuminating Barranco  – till Nov 5th

Saturday 30th October

Festivals and Fairs

Gastronomic – 12 Abril and Agusto Cueva

Of the ‘active neighbourhood’: dancing, workshops, games, clowns, shows from the schools – Parque Miraflores – 2pm-6pm

Traditional games – Plaza Chagurarchibamba

Music and Events

Marching bands.  All over the center of the city from 9am

Police display incl acrobatic gymnastics on horses – Estadio Alejandro Serrano Aguilar – 10am

Rock Bands   – Coleseum – 4pm

Cinema: ‘Prometo Deportado’ – Teatro Sucre – 8pm

10km Night Run – From Parque el Paraiso – 7pm


WiFi in the bus station

Sunday 31st Octoberr


Display of wooden cars, painted cars and classic cars – Mercado 3 Nov – 10am

Art in the Park – Parque de la Madre – 3pm

Festivals and Fairs

Festival of BBQ meat – Parque Maria Auxiladora – 9am

Dog Show – Parque Paraiso -10-12am

Music and Events

Classic bike competition – Mall del Rio

Traditional Dance Display – Av 3 Nov – 3pm

Tripi Tripi: Electronic Club Night – Quinta Balzay – from 8pm

Festival of Pyrotechnics and ‘Acts’ – around Otorongo Bridge- from 9pm

Noche Cuencana: music, fireworks etc – Various Plazas in Center 8pm

.. More to come including

Festival of Guinea Pigs, Queen of Cuenca, Extreme Sportsog Show…